5 Office Hacks That You Should Try Today

The more time you spend in the office, the more you need to make your desk or cubicle an attractive, organized place to get your work done. Use these office supplies, household items and simple tricks to optimize life in the cube.

Cleaning with Office Supplies

Are your office habits less than pristine? Did you eat a muffin last Tuesday and still have crumbs in your keyboard? No problem. You can dredge up snack detritus, hair, dust and other fun stuff with a piece of clear tape.  Post-its also do the job.
Dirty jack in your iPod? Straighten out a paper clip and wrap it with clear tape, sticky side out. Insert into the hole and voila, that gunk is history.


Personalizing your office stuff serves a twofold purpose: beautifying your surroundings and staking your claim. For example, has anyone ever “borrowed” your iPhone charger to the point that it disappeared? If you’d covered it with pink glitter nail polish or colorful design tape, your office mates couldn’t act so innocent about your charger’s whereabouts. Try this trick with your keyboard, stapler or other prized office possessions. Sharpies work, too. You can even cover up scratches and imperfections in your phone with design tape.

Onscreen Ruler

Some folks follow the dictum about a place for everything and everything in its place. But others would lose their hands if they weren’t attached to their arms. If you fall into the latter category, you could benefit from an onscreen ruler. Just photograph a ruler and scale it to actual ruler size. Now assuming you don’t lose your monitor, you ability to measure things is assured.

A Foreign Flair for Security

Add an international flavor to your IT security by incorporating non-English letters and characters into passwords. Fancy an umlaut? How about accenting an e or an a like the French do? Confuse hackers and make your work life a touch more cosmopolitan.

Laptop Cooling

Does your laptop smoke like a ’68 Chevy climbing a steep hill? Are your thighs red from its intense heat? Try this low-tech solution: Egg carton to the rescue. Setting your laptop on the bottom half of a cardboard egg carton gives your laptop just the right amount of ventilation.

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