7 Most Creative Office Spaces

Is your cube feeling a little 1990? Do you long for a work hammock or a pool with a big waterslide to perk up your dreary office? Leading companies around the world are boosting morale and stimulating neurons by spiffing up their amenities. Here are 7 creative offices to covet. Why don’t you forward this list to your boss and see if your work environment improves?

Selgas Cano

Tired of stale, recirculated air and windows that don’t open? Borrow ideas from Selgas Cano’s office in the woods. Employees in this Spanish architecture firm gaze out at the changing colors of leaves and occasionally glimpse wildlife. The building is partially submerged in the ground, naturally cooling the office during hot Madrid summers.

Inventionland Design Company

With a name like this, you can’t afford to have a boring office. And indeed, working at Inventionland is a bit like having your desk in the middle of Disneyland. The Pittsburgh-based company boasts a full-size pirate ship floating in a lagoon. Any sane person would want her desk on a pirate ship. Did we mention there’s a shark in the lagoon?


If you’re one of those people who feel like your job is always getting in the way of attending an all-night rave, now you don’t have to choose. Working in this Ottawa bra factory-turned print-on-canvas company combines the best of both worlds: exposed brick walls, 30-foot ceilings, a DJ booth and a paycheck.

Danish Fashion and Textile Office

Ikea has spread Nordic chic all over the world. But want to see it ratcheted up a few notches? The Danish Fashion and Textile Office blends Nordic minimalism with luxe touches like friezes and gold-painted accents. The color scheme of black, white, gold and gray is all understated elegance.

Tabaccaia di Reschio, Umbria, Italy

If you’re in the market for your own Umbrian farmhouse, you might have cause to visit Tabaccaia di Reschio’s office. This firm restores farmhouses in the secluded Italian forest. You might just want to move into their office. The 1940s tobacco processing plant mixes vintage chic with comfortable modern furniture. Designers have fashioned sculptures out of old metal wine barrel rings and lamps from reclaimed heaters.


The search engine giant carries their primary color logo throughout their offices. Everything is bright, fun and a bit wacky at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. Amenities include pool tables, on-site haircuts, volleyball, massage, free gourmet meals and the option of bringing your dog to work. It’s as if they never want employees to leave.


The online fundraising company operates out of a former pencil factory in Brooklyn. People work communally at big wooden tables. But when the need for a little nature strikes, they venture out to the rooftop garden. There they listen to the pulses made by MIDI Sprout, an invention that translates electrical currents on plants into musical notes. It was funded by 450 backers during a Kickstarter project.

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