Better Tech for Your Office

Offices are made up of fairly standard components – desks, chairs, walls and computers. So what makes one office techier than another? Cooler, more sophisticated desks, chairs, wall, computers and glorious, awesome gadgets. Here are a few ways to up the tech quotient in your office.

Better Works Stations

At almost $50,000, you could buy a house in a Midwestern town for less than the cost of a MWE Emperor 200. But what’s money when you get to work in a chair that looks like something out of Star Wars? This electric-powered leather seat and its accompanying three 27” LED screens is fully adjustable. Plus you get air filtering, light therapy and a mind-blowing sound system.

More the tactile type? The iDesk, brainchild of designer Adam Benton, is one giant touch screen. You can synchronize your desk with your Mac.

Better Walls

Why have plain old walls – or even art – when you can have giant hanging screens full of data? That’s what you’ll find at Chartbeat’s office in Union Square, San Francisco. For a company that specializes in real-time analytics, what’s better than literally being surrounded by data?

Better Keyboard

Some of us spend our lives at our desks. And if work is important to us, maybe we don’t mind eating our meals while we type and think—oh, no, there goes a bowl of soup! If you use the waterproof Bendi Light-up Keyboard, you don’t have to worry about such everyday disasters. Not only can you spill drinks on it, The Bendi is quiet, rolls up, requires no software and glows a soothing blue.

Better Temperature

Between the skinny office athletes who lack the body fat to keep them warm and the middle-aged hot flash sufferers, few of us escape office temperature wars. But high tech gadgets can help us get the temp just right.

Warmmi brand heating gloves and slippers plug into your computer’s USB port. No more numb fingers and toes at your work station! If you need an all-over warmup, wrap the USB Heating Blanket around your shoulders like a superhero’s cape, or drape it demurely across your legs.

Now that your body is warm enough, what about your drink? Too busy or lazy to step away from your desk and use the microwave? USB cup warmers are little hot plates that plug into your USB port to re-warm your coffee. Or, if you have the opposite problem, the Wiki USB fridge drops the temperature of your soda or can of beer for improved deskside drinking enjoyment.

Better Privacy

These days, more offices are following the trend of communal space. Walls are disappearing as the idea of the creative hive mind triumphs. But what happens if your partner won’t hang up the phone without hearing that special endearment? Or you need to schedule a checkup for your hemorrhoids. Suddenly communal working doesn’t seem as fun. Enter the Babble Voice Privacy System. This little gem garbles the sound of your phone conversations. While your partner or doctor’s receptionist will hear you just fine, nosy coworkers are disappointed they can’t turn you into the office laughingstock.

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