Completed Jobs

Oil & Gas Industry

DSG worked with a large international manufacturing company in Houston, Texas that provides vital equipment to global oil and gas clients.  Their documents were sensitive in nature, and we spent three weeks scanning thousands of sizable industrial drawings and blueprints, along with hundreds of thousands of documents from their file room.  Many of the documents dated back to the 1950s, allowing DSG the opportunity to save aging paper and faded ink digitally, and permanently. During the last hurricane, their office and file vault was flooded, causing massive water damage to a large amount of their documents.  DSG was still able to take these damaged materials and make readable, digital images from them.  When the project was complete, we provided our client with an exact digital replica of their file room.

Human Resources

DSG worked with a large beverage distribution company in order to digitized their human resource department’s entire history of paper work. This was a complex job, using multiple barcodes during the data processing stage of the job to split and label the employee folders into a client-specific organizational structure . The data was then taken, its text made searchable, and it was uploaded into their new employee database. The project eliminated their need for a large file room, allowing their business to reclaim lost square footage and improve employee efficiency by eliminating time consuming manual file searches, and replacing them with near instant search results on their computers.

Lasik Surgeon

DSG was hired by a prominent, DFW-based LASIK surgeon to assist the team in going paperless with a new electronic medical record system. Our team was tasked with boxing and picking up their documents, forming a complete hand index of all patient records, and digitizing a combination of color and black-and-white patient charts. These digital files were then returned and uploaded into their new EMR system for quick and easy access in their exam rooms. The patient charts were then destroyed via a certified document destruction process. The entire process was done following HIPAA guidelines, ensuring patient confidentiality was kept in place.

Ocean Freight

DSG recently provided document scanning services to an international, European-based ocean freight company. We were able to digitized hundreds of boxes of paper records for multiple departments. We offered folder and box-level indexing for these paper files after they were digitized. The product they received gave them the ability to search hundreds of boxes in a matter of seconds. Their employee information, crew member data, route sheets, and insurance paperwork were all just a click away.

Architecture/Home Builder

DSG has been working with a major home builder in North Texas, helping them keep their invoice and accounts payable records digital and disaster proof. We were able to take and digitize several years’ worth of backlogged accounting documents, which were taking up large amounts of space in their office. The digital PDF documents were indexed and broken down by various fields, such as vendor names and check numbers. This new system allowed them, in just seconds, to find a digital copy of any check the company sent out over the past few years.

Government Documents

DSG has become the scanning partner for the building and maintenance department of a large municipality here in DFW.  We are responsible for taking records and blueprints from new construction, remodeling, and various other work by the city, and converting them into a usable format for city employees to use in the field.  DSG has been able to set up a file and folder structure for the digital documents and drawings that is functional on various mobile devices. This enables employees to work more efficiently, thus maintaining the workflow while saving the city money.

Medical Records

DSG has recently completed work with a local pediatric eye doctor.  We were able to take all of his patient files and scan them into digital format so they could be used easily with his EMR system. This project was completed under DSG’s HIPPA compliance guidelines. We were able to take over 100 boxes of patient files, index them by name and date of birth, and provide the doctor with not only a digital copy of the patient records, but files that are text-searchable as well.

Office Document Scanning

DSG has formed a relationship with one of the largest HVAC companies in the DFW Metroplex.  On a semi-regular basis, our team will pick up a multitude of boxes that the business produces and scan them for digital archiving.  These records include job worksheets, accounts payable information, route sheets for employees, and other miscellaneous documentation.  We have a client-approved, standardized workflow, and an agreed-upon deliverable; we are able to pick up their documents, scan them, and deliver their digital copies in a matter of days.