In-House Document Scanning and Imaging

In-House Document Scanning and Imaging Services

In-House Document Scanning ServicesIn case you prefer to have us scan your documents at our secure facility in Dallas Fort Worth–away from the industriousness of your company offices–we’ll happily pick up your boxes and return them to you safely once they are scanned and digital. All documents are carefully maintained and cared for by our dedicated team even until the moment they are shredded.

Security and Trust is our Business

Our office is monitored 24 hours a day by video surveillance along with multiple, redundant safeguards to ensure your documents protection. The scanning area is maintained in a separate lockable space that is access controlled–only team members with clearance can access documents and files.

Backups for the Backups

Data is backed up several times daily to our secure server for maximum data protection. Importantly, data capture systems are maintained on a separate and isolated network which protects your critical information against potential hacks and network intrusions. Similar to our secure scanning facility, all our technology is access and password protected as a safeguard against even the worst of security risks.

Day Forward Solutions for Additional Scanning

As long as there is paper in the business world, the DocuScanGuys will be converting your valued spreadsheets and memos into their virtually indestructible equivalents. There has never been a better time to go digital and stay digital with day forward document scanning solutions.

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