Medical Records Document Scanning

Medical Document Scanning

HIPAA Compliant in Every Way

Medical Records Document Scanning and ImagingStarting with document pick-up all the way to document destruction or return, our medical records document scanning and imaging services take every security measure in order to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In fact, every team member undergoes an extensive background verification process and confidentiality agreement.

Restricted Document Access

We limit the disclosure of protected information to only the team members needed to complete the project. Our process is simple and secure:

  • Documents are sealed inside their boxes at the client location before being transported
  • Clients can verify the boxes are sealed at the time of departure
  • Our project manager verifies the seal is intact when the box arrives at our location
  • The box is unsealed at the time of document litigation and scanning
  • We prepare the medical documents for scanning by removing staples and fasteners, repair ripped pages, and carefully organize the information
  • The documents are scanned using top-of-the-line imaging and scanning equipment and monitored for quality control
  • Files are indexed for easy access when you need them
  • Upon completion of the work,  the documents are resealed until time of delivery or until the box is securely destroyed by our certified document destruction process

Secured and Backed-up Data

In scanning millions of documents every year, we process terabytes of data that is protected by several protocols. First, the data is backed-up to a secure file server multiple times throughout the day onto a separate and isolated network. Most importantly, all data is securely removed from our system after our contractual obligation is met and the client project has ended. Lastly, all computers are password protected and accessed only by the personnel required to complete the assigned tasks.

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