Text Searchable Documents

Text Searchable Documents

All Those PDF Files Are Now Searchable

Ctrl+F can be the solution to all your discovery challenges. What happens when you have documents or PDFs where the “Find” shortcut can’t be used? Forgo the hours wasted reading line-by-line on every page searching for one keyword and save time by converting documents into text searchable documents.

The Document Scanning Guys want to help you get back to more important things. Our experts quickly convert your files into searchable digital documents with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that are easily accessible in the cloud. Transform scanned PDFs like large format documents into text searchable and selectable files.

Consider using our scanning services to convert your data into text searchable documents if you:

  • Want secure cloud access or encrypted media files available to you when and wherever you need them.
  • Don’t want to waste time shuffling through pages in search of pertinent information.
  • Are converting documents from a legacy system to a new one and need digital documents that are text searchable.
  • Want to convert scanned documents into searchable PDFs while leaving the visual appearance of your scanned document untouched.

It’s a lot like magic, except you’ll be in on the secrets. Document Scanning Guys work with you with HIPAA Compliant Document Scanning and Imaging with your choice of mobile, on-site and in-house document scanning solutions.

If you’re ready to save time and make life easier with text searchable documents, contact Document Scanning Guys today.

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