Top 5 Office Apps To Help Productivity

We all hit that 3 P.M. slump. The office walls start closing in and our cubicle looks more and more like a bed as the minutes go by. Perhaps the answer to beating the afternoon need for caffeine is the use of office apps to keep you engaged, increase productivity and best of all, keep you awake and interested.  Here are 5 apps that can help you stay productive and awake!


If the cubicle really isn’t your scene, consider LogMeIn. You can get more done while away from the office with easy access to your work computer or vice versa. Don’t stress about missing your child’s softball game or building your Fantasy Baseball team because LogMeIn is like taking your office with you no matter where you go. You can access your desktop through a smartphone, tablet or other computer.

Docs to Go

Once we’ve scanned your documents in-house at our secure facility or securely at your place of business, you will have immediate access to these digital files anywhere and anytime you need them. Now that your documents are encrypted or available for download through the cloud, enjoy them by using apps like Docs to Go with Cloud storage support. Through Docs to Go, you can view PDFs, meaning the app serves as a PDF reader as well. It also has word, spreadsheet and presentation support.


Gone are the days of looking for the PIN to dial into your conference line while making sure you have the right conference line in the first place. Speek is a specialist conference calling app that cuts out the fuss of finding the right string of numbers. All you have to do is pick a personal link that takes the place of a traditional PIN or phone number. When others are ready to join the call, all they have to do is click the link to join from their tablet, smartphone or otherwise. Say goodbye to awkward hold music or fickle lines.

Highrise HQ

Maybe you’re feeling that afternoon slump because you’re stressed about whether you’re meeting your tasks and objectives, or if you did someone else’s job by accident! Highrise is a CRM app that helps you manage your work as well as the tasks of your team. By integrating your email accounts and calendars so you can track leads and proposals, Highrise provides you with a wealth of information about your company and team on virtually any device.

You can also group contacts, add custom tags, work remotely and pretty much stay connected anytime, anywhere. It’s as if you can get your work done on your time while still providing your team with the information they need to work together.


Dig yourself out from under a pile of receipts. Turn claiming expenses from a time-consuming process into one as easy as scanning receipts from your phone. This free app is great for businesses who incur a lot of business expenses. You can scan receipts into our phone as you go; it then collates and organizes those receipts for you. Making expense reports has never been easier.

Now that you’re equipped with the tools to be feel stress-free and avoid the afternoon slump, let’s get productive! How do you stay productive throughout the day? What apps do you recommend?

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