The DocuScan Guys are the leading provider of high-volume document scanning

services in the United States.

Why Work With DocuScan Guys? Because We’re All About You

At DocuScan Guys, we’re all about you — your business, your needs, and providing you with the right solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

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Every Job Handled With a Personal Touch

With other document scanning companies, you’re just a number — you might even be such a low number that they just outsource you to someone else. You don’t get a clear point of contact, and it seems like getting ahold of anyone when there’s a problem is just about impossible.

When you work with DocuScanGuys, you get a clear point of contact who will do everything in their power to ensure your project is a success. From the imaging and production manager all the way up to the president, if you need to talk to someone, we’re here for you.

Industry-Leading Customer

We have 20+ years of experience scanning and digitizing documents, and we’ve spent that time developing what matters most — top of the line customer service and the leading edge technology. We truly believe that you are the foundation of our business. Going above and beyond, for us, is just what we do.

Here’s what our customers have to say.

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent, professional, and friendly business that DocuScan Guys provided for our medical group. We were impressed by your excellent, high-quality service and promised schedules for product deliveries. It’s a pleasure to work with such GREAT people who demonstrate the meaning of efficiency and outstanding service.”

- Dr. Ray and Glenda Lewis

Meta Medical Services

“DocuScan Guys was able to help us with onsite scanning of leases. They were on time, on budget, and extremely professional. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

- Aric O.

Director of Asset/Property Management Services

“They were extremely professional, yet personable, and worked well with our staff for more than a month. The team was careful and meticulous in scanning and sorting the documentation according to our requirements. We were very pleased with DocuScan Guys' work efficiency and cost and will absolutely consider DocuScan Guys for future documentation scanning projects.”

- Brandy Nail

Sr. PSM Technician, Kinder Morgan CO2 Company, LP

Pricing That Just Makes Sense

We got tired of seeing how our competitors priced out their work. There was just no simple way to understand how much you were ultimately going to pay.

Our customers were sick of it too.

That’s why we put together no-nonsense pricing with no hidden fees. We here at DSG operate by using “Image Complete” pricing, which means everything is included. When we say everything, we mean everything - from picking up your documents to turning them into digital images to destroying or returning the paper documents. We do it all!

Secure and Industry-Compliant

No matter your industry, no matter the laws that regulate it, we’ll help you digitize your documents and store them securely in compliance with your industry’s requirements. We are HIPPA compliant, which means we employ the highest level of security possible to keep you in compliance.

That starts with our awesome team members. They go through a rigorous background check and sign confidentiality agreements to ensure your sensitive data is protected. We are also fully insured to protect against the unthinkable.

If security or compliance requires that your documents be on-site during scanning then we will bring our team of professionals and top-of-the-line equipment straight to you.

If you'd rather have your documents processed at our facility, we have certified team members to transport them. You can still rest assured that security is being maintained. Our office is monitored 24 hours a day by video surveillance along with multiple safeguards to ensure your documents are protected. The scanning area is maintained in a separate lockable space that is access controlled — only team members with clearance can access documents and files.

Data is backed up several times daily to our secure server for maximum data protection. Importantly, data capture systems are maintained on a separate isolated network, which protects your critical information against potential hacks and network intrusions. Similar to our secure scanning facility, all our technology is access-protected and password protected.

About DocuScan Guys

The DocuScan Guys are the leading provider of high-volume document scanning services in the United States. DocuScan Guys is a North-Texas-based company that has been serving US-wide since 2010. With years of experience in document scanning and I.T. services, our team of professional scanning technicians has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your documents are safely and securely digitized.

Storing documents digitally saves you money on storage space while saving your employees from spending valuable time searching for documents. Our document scanning and imaging process is simple, secure, and compliant for every industry. Along with our high-quality cloud service, DocuScan Guys has the tools and knowledge necessary to keep your valuable documents safe and organized forever.

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