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Saving space, saving time, saving money

Here’s Why You’ll Want to Digitize Your Documents

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— digitizing your documents does more than just make them easily accessible.

Here’s why you’ll want to digitize your documents with DocuScan Guys.

Disaster-Proof Your Documents

Most businesses and organizations don’t think about the dangers that disasters pose to their files and documents until it’s too late. A hurricane, fire, flood, tornado, or even a leak caused by a storm could damage or destroy your documents — and you’d have no way of getting them back.

When you digitize your files — and especially if you choose to use the DSG cloud service — you disaster-proof your documents and your business. Even in the worst-case scenario, your documents will be safe and secure.

Save on Space and Storage

Moving to digital allows you to save money on storage costs — money that can really add up. You’re either paying for someone else to store your documents, or you’re storing them on-site, taking up valuable real estate space.

Get your storage space back and stop spending money on storage fees by digitizing your files.

Save Your Employees’ Valuable Time

If you have lots of paper files, your employees are spending valuable time searching through file cabinets — something they wouldn’t have to do with files in a digital database.
That time adds up. According to some estimates, workers spend 20% to 30% of their time simply dealing with documents. Even just finding a paper document can take up valuable time that they could be spending on revenue-generating activities.
Save your business time and money by digitizing.

Easily Access Large-Format Drawings

We can turn virtually any physical document into a digital one perfect for on-the-go use. When you digitize your large-format digital files, you can access them from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop while in the field.

Scanning documents can help your crew work off iPads instead of carrying around large-format drawings. Perfect for oil-and-gas firms, construction firms, engineering firms, and architects

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